fsck on uscentral46.myserverhosts.com

  • Posted: 10:56 pm EDT 05/05/17

  •  Updated: 10:58 pm EDT 05/05/17

Maintenance Start Time: 12:00 am EDT 05/05/17

Estimated duration:

Status: Canceled

In order to prevent issues with the file system on this server, we will be bringing this server down which will make all/most services on this server inaccessible either completely or sporadically, and performing a file system check on the servers partitions reporting errors.

Services affected include HTTPD and Webmail access, MySQL, POP/IMAP, SSH and FTP.

During this outage, access to your websites, email, files, databases, will not be possible. We apologize for this inconvenience and while we do not have an ETA for this procedure, we will continue providing updates as soon as possible.